Our Philosophy

Alset iHome Inc (“AiH”) is the real estate development arm of Alset International Limited (“Group”) which is listed on Singapore Stock Exchange Catalist Board (Stock code: 40V). [Website: www.alsetinternational.com]

AiH leverages on the Group’s established eco-system to provide a suite of services consisting of home building, home sale, home mortgage & insurance, property management and home investment. In addition, through the collaboration with our joint venture partner, ART, a renowned Spanish Architecture firm, AiH provides quality designer homes that is smart, healthy and green.

AiH aims to invests capital in assets that provide above-market returns. Its guiding philosophy is based on the fundamental premise that future cash flows ultimately determine the true value of an asset by operating in selected markets across the country that demonstrate strong demand fundamentals and growing economies. It will combine rigorous due diligence, conservative assumptions in projecting cash flows, and careful assessment of scenarios to ensure that it consistently achieves its objectives.

With over 40 years of experience and track record, AiH’s management team has built a strong reputation in identifying and undertaking promising investments in real estate development. The ability and willingness to source, evaluate and execute complex transactions within a short time frame are major competitive advantages as well as recognizing the importance of aligning our interests with partners.

Our past, current, and future development projects all expressively portray our commitment to not only build structures but to serve people’s need for space, security and serenity. As a company, we continue to imagine and create structures of quality, creativity, healthy and eco-friendly that exceeds expectations.

AiH USA has a deep pipeline of projects and is currently focused on pursuing land subdivision projects, as well as clinching anchor projects where it can assume a preferential position as master developer.

A Reputation Built on Excellence

We design and build structures that define a new property landscape – distinctively creative and utilizing resources that are eco-friendly and relevant to evolving conditions.
The futuristic approach to property development springs from our deeply rooted commitment to create not just developments with vivid symbols of creativity but green and healthy living that goes beyond the ordinary.

The strength and verve of our spirit has enable us to be a company known for excellence in artistry. We take delight in knowing that our projects influence and serve the places we are planted in. To see people pass by our structures and stop to stare in admiration warms our heart
and fuels our passion. To hear our clients and clients commend on our services that exceeds their expectations inspires us to advance even more in all of our businesses.

Leadership Advantage

Strong foundation is a important catalyst for success. As a company that knows its foundation, values and identity, it is confidently running its course with foresight and verve resulting in promising growth. our strategic growth plan consists of continuing to tap capital markets while syndicating and participating in future real estate projects in order to widen and diversify our investment and development base. With our advantageous position and strong management team, our track record is a testament to how a strong bond and a shared value for excellence are able to open doors of opportunities, fortify a company’s core and solidify its growth.

With our keen eye for opportunities, advantageous position and corporate capability, we raise our standards and strive to deliver beyond creative and business expectations. Within us is a current imagination and initiative that drives us to see possibilities. This is what we are and how we have been working, a company that develops our people and resources, and from there goes on to develop projects, communities, and cities, bringing a strong and positive impact on people’s way of doing business, living and thriving.