Ballenger Run Maryland

A 197 acre site entitled for approved 853 residential units which comprises of up to 443
for-sale residential units, 210 multi-family units and a 200 bed independent/assisted living facility. All 443 residential lots representing 88% of the revenue will be contracted for sale to NYSE-listed homebuilding company at the time of closing.
The homebuilding company has created a concept plan for the residential units to maximize the value of the project and achieve an optimal product mix. There are strong interest from buyers with multiple LOIs received already for the Multi-family and assisted living lots.

Strategic location of project site

– The site is located near Washington D.C and Baltimore with excellent commuter access including close proximity to existing retail, restaurants and entertainment.

– Farmers Insurance Group Ranks county as #1 safest place to live in the US

– Ranked First for Academic Excellence in the State of Maryland

– Ranked Overall 9th Best County in the US